SPLISS Projects

All SPLISS projects are related to one of the purposes mentioned below:

–   Policy purpose: to benchmark nations, against each other and a sport specific level, for able-bodied and disability sports, and to gain insights into the competitiveness of nations. Projects are also aimed at getting a better understanding of the social value and what are the principles of good governance of elite sport. Ultimately projects aim to achieve a win-win situation for all nations involved by learning from good practices from other competitors.

–   Research purpose: to develop theories on what are the key success factors regarding elite sport policy and to develop methods to compare nations in elite sport and measure the competitiveness of nations in elite sport .

– Networking: to develop a collaborative global team of researchers and high performance experts who work on and meet in regard to high performance sport policy research matters; and to offer a forum for researchers to disseminate and communicate matters regarding their high performance research.

[1] Note that national governing bodies are synonymous to national sport organisations and federations. These terms are used differently in distinct nations and regions. National Governing Bodies (NGBs) manage eligibility, rules and championships for individual sports. They sanction competitions in a country and domestic competitions follow NGB rules.

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